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Conspiracy is the most frequently charged crime in federal court because it is the easiest to prove.  In order for the government to prove the crime of conspiracy, all that it must show is that two or more persons came together to form a mutual agreement or understanding to achieve an unlawful goal.  In drug conspiracy cases, the government need not prove that the charged defendant took any steps or overt acts toward accomplishing that goal.  Nor must the government prove the name or identity of any other people with whom the defendant is alleged to have conspired.  In other words, all that the government must prove is that the defendant came to some understanding with some unknown person to violate a drug law.  Most often, the government proves drug conspiracy cases by putting on "cooperating" defendants from other cases to testify that the defendant in this case bought or sold drugs to them.  In return, the "cooperating" defendants often receive a reduced sentence in their own case.  These cases are difficult to defend and require the knowledge and skill of an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

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