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Fraud is a very serious, and very broadly defined, criminal offense. Criminal fraud is a charge that can be brought against a business, as well as against an individual (a business cannot be put in prison, but substantial fines can be imposed).  Fraud charges alone can destroy reputations, credit, and good faith in business dealings. Zealous legal representation is critical in fraud cases, as in all criminal cases. It is critical for an accused to seek help from a criminal defense attorney experienced in defending fraud cases.

What is "Fraud?

"Fraud is usually defined as an intentional deception, or false statement, with the intent of depriving another of money or property.  Fraud crimes are classified according to the type of transaction in which the deception occurred. Examples of fraud crimes include:Bankruptcy fraudCredit card fraudSecurities fraudTax fraudTelemarketing fraudWire fraudMail fraud andFraud against the United StatesIn the federal system, the fraud charge may depend on how the deception or false statement was communicated to the alleged victim. If any part of the fraudulent plan involved or contemplated the use of the mail,  the charge could be mail fraud. If the fraud involved the use of a telephone, cell phone, fax machine, or computer, wire fraud will be charged. Additionally, the government may secure an indictment charging conspiracy to commit fraud, even though no fraud had been committed.  To bring such an indictment, the government need only show that the defendant and some other person, known or unknown, formed a tacit understanding or agreement to commit fraud.  If you or a loved one has been arrested, charged, or accused,  contact the Uman Law Firm for a free consultation with Jon D. Uman.  Home and jail visits, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, are available if you are unable to travel to the main office in Gainesville. The Uman Law Firm represents clients located throughout north and central Florida, including the Gainesville, Florida area (Alachua County, Baker County, Bradford County, Union County, Levy County, Gilchrist County, Dixie County), Palatka, Florida area (Putnam County, St. Johns County), Ocala, Florida area (Marion County, Lake County), Tallahassee, Florida area (Leon County), Jacksonville, Florida area (Duval County) and the Orlando, Florida area (Orange County and Osceola County). Please see practice jurisdictions for a more complete list of representative jurisdictions. Contact us about your legal matter today.